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Chantry Primary Academy

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The Staff

At Chantry, we are fortunate to have an extensive staff team who work hard to support our pupils in a variety of ways. Staff are always willing to help with any queries or concerns. Parents are welcome to speak with class teachers informally at the beginning or end of the day regarding classroom based issues. In addition, parents can contact the office at any time with general queries regarding the school. Most matters can be resolved very quickly by talking with class teachers; however, each phase of the school has a team leader who is a member of our School Management Team - school leaders are always available to work with parents to find solution to any issues or concerns.

Leadership Team
Executive Headteacher - Mrs Bateman
Head of School - Mr Rowe
Deputy Headteacher (EYFS and KS1, ITT, Pastoral) - Mrs Lloyd 
Deputy Headteacher (KS2, Curriculum and Community) - Mr Kelly 
Assistant Headteacher (Maths and Staff Development) - Mrs Phee
Assistant Headteacher (Assessment) - Mrs Page
Leading Practitioner for Inclusion - Mrs Bordiak
Senior Team Leaders - Mrs Hunt, Mrs Bianchi
Team Leaders - Mrs DaviesMrs R Khan (Yr1), Mrs Shah, Miss NorthMrs Kiss, Mrs R Khan (Yr 6)

Early Years Foundation Stage
Senior Team Leader - Mrs Hunt

Nursery Teachers - Mrs Hunt and Miss Hutson
Nursery Assistants - Mrs Nash and Mrs Busby

Team Leader - Mrs Davies

Autumn Class - Mrs Davies supported by Mrs Malone
Summer Class - Miss Urbanowicz supported by Mrs Dalvi
Spring Class - Miss Chesham supported by Mrs Ling

Mrs Dalvi, Mrs Toyer and Mrs Langley supervise the children during lunchtime

Key Stage 1

Year 1
Team Leader - Mrs R Khan

Rock Pool Class - Mrs R Khan supported by Miss S Fensome and Miss Mathie
Seashell Class - Mrs Hourican supported by Mrs Kazi and Miss Allan
Pebble Class - Miss Redhead supported by Mrs Strachan

Mrs Cosby providing additional support access the year group

Mrs ThompsonMrs Edgeworth and  Mrs Bellinger supervise the children during lunchtime

Year 2
Team Leader - Mrs Shah

Darwin Class - Mrs Shah 
Brunel Class - Mrs Paxton-Brooks supported by Miss McBarron
Nightingale Class - Mrs Moore and Miss Clarke supported by Mrs McCarney

Miss Burkitt, Miss McBarronMrs Deverson and Miss Zubair supervise the children during lunchtime

Lower Key Stage 2 Team

Senior Team Leader - Mrs Bianchi

Year 3

Rome Class - Mr Brand supported by Miss Kausar 
Kampala Class - Mrs Bianchi supported by Mrs Franzen & Mrs Brinkley
New York Class - Mrs Martin supported by Miss Carter

Miss Reck providing additional support access the year group

Mrs Laney, Miss T Williams and Miss Carter supervise the children during lunchtimes

Year 4
Team Leader - Miss North

Discus Class - Miss North supported by Mrs Kovacs and Mrs Couch
Brisbane Class - Miss Standard supported by Miss Chandler and Mrs Abdulsalam
Tokyo Class - Mrs Wright supported by Miss Pearce and Miss Davies

Mrs Henry, Mrs Kilic and Mrs Brand supervise the children during lunchtimes

Upper Key Stage 2 Team

Year 5 - Endeavour Building

Team Leader - Mrs Kiss

Jenner Class - Miss Liscio supported by Mrs Fowler and Miss Lewis
Nobel Class - Mrs Bailey/Mrs Page supported by Miss Bater   
Marconi Class - Mrs Kiss supported by Mrs Lown and Miss Tadd

Mrs Suranderan, Mrs Cox and Mrs Khanom supervise the children during lunchtimes

Year 6 - Endeavour Building
Team Leader - Mrs R Khan

Einstein Class - Mrs R Khan supported by Ms Akhtar
Newton Class - Mr Gurney supported by Ms Williams
Banneker Class - Miss Jenkins supported by Mrs Vaughan
Curie Class - Mrs Malik/Mrs Maxfield supported by Mrs Henry and Miss Dickman

Mrs Finch and Mrs Watson providing additional support access the year group

Mrs Fitzgerald, Ms S WilliamsMrs S Khan and Ms Genas supervise the children during lunchtimes

Cover Supervisors
Mrs Gedeon
Mrs Price

Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs)
Mrs McConnell
Miss Clarke

Other Departments

PE Department
PE Teacher - Mrs Selmes
PE Instructors - Mr BestMr Phillips and Mr Day

ICT Team
ICT Network Manager - Mr Davidson
ICT Technician  - Mr Golinczak
ICT Instructor - Mrs Hayward

Special Educational Needs and Visual Impairment Support Team
Inclusion Manager - Mrs Bordiak
Pupil Well Being Manager - Mrs N Gill
SEN Teaching Assistants - Mrs Ruffett, Mrs Spoerer and Mrs Gendi
SEN Learning Supervisor - Mrs Hammond
VI Teacher/Outreach - Mrs Collings
VI Braille Instructor - Mrs Drummond
VI Support Teaching Assistants - Miss Allan, Mrs Randle, Miss LewisMrs Couch, Ms GillMs Williams and Mrs Adbulsalam
Therapeutic Music Instructor - Mr Bateman

Administration Team
School Business Manager - Mr Briggs
Office Manager - Miss Cook
Receptionist - Mrs Mathias
Administration Assistant - Mrs Watkins
Finance Assistant - Miss McGhan
HR Manager/PA to the Leadership Team - Mrs Clarke
HR Admin Assistant - Miss Carter
WAP Clerk - Miss Holland

Care Club Team
Care Club Manager - Mrs Bruce
Care Club Assistants - Ms Oddboy, Mrs Lown, Miss Fensome, Mrs J HenryMs Sloley and Miss Wynter
Wraparound Care Coordinator - Miss U Khan

Medical Welfare Team
Medical Welfare Officer - Mrs Flanagan

Site Team
Premises Manager - Mr Shaw
Caretaker - Mr Timoney
Supervisor - Mrs Langley
Cleaners - Mr MaguireMs Genas, Mrs Bortnichuk, Mrs Thompson,  Miss J Fensome, Mrs A Martin, Ms Sloley and Mrs S Khan

Pastoral Team
Pastoral Team Leader - Mr Turner

Family Support Team
Family Worker - Mrs Austin
Family Worker - Mrs Flitton
Family Worker - Ms Kitchiner
Family Worker Assistant - Mrs Cartwright

Mentoring Team
Learning Mentors - Miss JonesMrs Peart and Ms Chapman
Attendance Mentor - Miss D Williams