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Please see below information sent out to parents on Friday 29th May 2020:

Dear Parents

We hope that you have been enjoying the sunshine this week. We have been busily preparing the school for the return of more pupils to join our keyworker and vulnerable groups from 2nd June and I am writing to update you all regarding the details for our return.  I am sending this to all parents regardless of year group, so that everyone is aware of the arrangements we are making for the return of pupils to school.  Parents who have requested places should have received a separate message detailing an arrival time and a specific gate for arrival – if you have not received such an email, please contact Mr Kelly as soon as possible.

 Pupil Numbers

We have approximately 140 children whose parents currently intend to take up the opportunity to return to school.  This number includes 90 keyworker and vulnerable children from all year groups from Nursery to Year 6.  Additionally, a further 50 pupils across Year 1, Reception and Nursery will join their keyworker and vulnerable peers.

 All groups are planned to be below 10 and we aim to keep group sizes to a maximum of 10.  The way these numbers have worked out means we have a minimum of 2 groups in each year group with the exception of Nursery with just one group.  In year 1 we have 4 groups and currently in Reception we have 3.  Should any additional pupils require keyworker or vulnerable pupil places, or should any Year 1, Reception or Nursery parents feel more confident to send their children back in the coming weeks, we will have capacity to welcome more children, however I ask that parents contact school in advance, in such cases, so that we can allocate a group place and ensure that we retain our group sizes to a maximum of 10.

 Measures in School

We have planned the following safety measures in place across the school:

  • Families should aim to have only one parent/carer bringing and collecting children to and from school.
  • On arrival at school parents and pupils will need to wait outside of the school gates until staff come to collect children to bring them inside.  Whilst waiting we ask that parents maintain social distancing and we will place signage on the railings to assist with this.  Please keep your children together and close to you.
  • All parent queries must be made by telephone to avoid unnecessary visits to the school.
  • All staff and pupils will have their temperatures taken on entry to the school with a contactless thermometer.  Anyone with a temperature higher than 37.5 will be asked to go home and self-isolate for 7 days.  Family members within the same household will need to isolate within the household for 14 days.
  • Children will be seated at tables spaced out with 2 metres between them to maintain social distancing.  It should be noted that young children are, by their nature, highly mobile and tactile.  Whilst we will attempt to maintain social distancing, and we will support children to understand its importance, it is impossible to guarantee that children will maintain this 2m distance at all times.
  • Children will remain in their own classroom space throughout the day with lunches being delivered to the classrooms.
  • Hand washing will be fully supervised with children washing their hands using anti-bacterial handwash throughout the day to ensure hygiene.
  • Anti-bacterial hand gel will also be used by children and will be closely supervised for safety purposes.
  • Access to toilets will be supervised to ensure hand hygiene both before and after using the toilets.
  • The playgrounds have been zoned and times staggered to allow for each group to have their own space on the playground.
  • Equipment will be distributed for children to have their own pack of resources.  Where resources are shared, such as playground equipment, the equipment will be cleaned after each breaktime and children will wash their hands.

 Crossing Patrol Officer

The crossing patrol officer will be on duty between 8:40am and 9:25am.  Please do not aim to arrive before or after these times as the crossing point will not be staffed outside of these times.  It is essential that children and parents respectfully adhere to social distancing with the crossing patrol officer.

 Before and After School Childcare

We have extremely limited places for keyworker parents only, who absolutely require this paid childcare provision before school from 8am and after school until 5:30pm.  Please contact Mr Kelly via Class Dojo if this is something you require and we will attempt to accommodate your needs.  Please be aware that, due to stringent social distancing to reduce transmission risks, this provision is only available to a limited number of parents on a first come, first serve basis.

 Collection at the end of the day

Collection is at 2pm for all pupils with the exception of keyworker pupils whose parents have specifically requested care beyond this time.  All children should be collected at the same gate allocated for arrival at the start of the day.

 Food in School

  • Water Bottles – Children to bring a filled water bottle to school every day to avoid the need to sterilise cups throughout the day.
  • Breakfast - We will resume our offer of cereal and bagels on arrival at school, for children attending.
  • Lunches - The catering team will work to ensure that there is a variety of exciting and healthy options in the daily packed lunches being provided for children in school.  As children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a free lunch every day, this is available free of charge to pupils in these year groups.  In Years 3-6 the school packed lunch is available free to those entitled to Free School Meals but should be booked in advance and paid for in the same way as school meals would have been paid for previously
  • Fruit – Children will be offered a piece of fruit each day as a min-morning snack.  Children should not bring a snack to school.

 Activities in School

Children in school will complete similar work to that which is set for pupils who are still working at home.  In addition they will have access to PE activities and outdoor learning opportunities.  Where PE is taught by our specialist team, PE staff will maintain strict social distancing and will only teach PE outdoors to ensure that they are able to work with different groups of children safely.

 We plan to use these weeks as an early transition in order to prepare children for the wider return to school in September.  Where it is possible, we intend for groups to use classrooms usually allocated to pupils in the next year group up so that they gain familiarity with these spaces.  This also helps us to manage the space needed for each year group.  This means that Year 1 children will start off in their Year 1 classrooms and when they are settled and ready, group leaders will then move them into Year 2 rooms which are cleaned and ready for them.  We will then clean the Year 1 rooms ready to welcome our Reception children once they have settled back after 15th June.

 I hope that this information is of interest to you all.  We have worked hard to risk assess the school site, plan for the safe return of more pupils and maintain the safety of our school staff. 

 Our staff have worked hard to make school a safe yet welcoming environment and we hope everything will run smoothly.  If there are any issues we will make amendments and communicate any changes to parents.  We do ask that, at this time and for the foreseeable future, parents make any queries by telephone or through Class Dojo, as appropriate.  Thank you for your support in this.

 We look forward to welcoming children back, starting with keyworker pupils, vulnerable children and Year 1 from Tuesday. 

Have a wonderful weekend.

 Mr Rowe and Mrs Bateman