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Year 5 Curriculum Overview

 Autumn 1 - Rickshaw Girl

WOW! Factor: Bollywood Dance Workshop

Fantastic Finish: Indian art day.

Book: Richshaw Girl. Author: Mitali Perkins.

During this unit, Year 5 will explore the culture and religions of India and Bangladesh, with a particular focus on Hinduism.  They will have the exciting opportunity to enjoy a visit from a magnificent Bollywood Dance instructor, where they will learn to shimmy along to Indian music. The children will consider how our culture in the UK is different to many others, alongside reading Rickshaw Girl where Naima is struggling to come to terms with the expected role of women in her small Bangladeshi village and challenges the old stereotypes.

Unit 1 Topic Plan

Autumn 2 - Street Child

 WOW! Factor: Hitchin Schools Museum trip.

Fantastic Finish: Victorian toy making.

Book: Street Child. Author: Berlie Doherty.

During this exciting unit, the children will love learning all about Victorian times and experience what life was like at a Victorian school, during our trip to Hitchin Schools Museum. Whilst reading our book, the children will learn about how difficult life could be at this point in British history and will design and make moving Victorian toys during their art and design lessons. Alongside this, they will research Dr Barnardo and write his autobiography.

Unit 2 Topic Plan

Spring 1 - The BFG

 WOW! Factor:  Science workshop.

Fantastic Finish: Roald Dahl day.

Book: The BFG. Author: Roald Dahl.

Within the BFG unit, the children will engage with science. They will learn about fair testing and about how solids, liquids and gasses go through changes of state. The children will enjoy designing their own investigations and use their ever growing maths skills to handle the data they collect. During topic, the children will investigate, design and make their own dream-bags (purses), practising their sewing skills and developing their creativity. In English, the children will create their own discussion texts, formulating persuasive arguments, and write stories full of imagery and suspense.

Unit 3 Topic Plan

Spring 2 - There’s a Pharaoh in our Bath!

 WOW! Factor: Egyptian Day.

Fantastic Finish: Mask making.

Book: There’s a Pharaoh in our Bath! Author: Jeremy Strong.

During the Egyptian focused unit, Year 5 will explore the exciting world of ancient Egypt! They will learn all about hieroglyphics and about the everyday life of an Egyptian, starting with the scribes and leading all the way up to the Kings and Queens of the ancient world. During this unit, we will have a magnificent Egyptian day, where we will explore ancient Egyptian artefacts and the mummification process. Also, within this unit, the children will create their own Egyptian masks, which they will design and paint based on ancient Egyptian designs.  During English, the children will create instructional texts about mummification and exciting quest stories!

Unit 4 Topic Plan

Summer 1 - The Wreck of Zanzibar

 WOW! Factor: Affinity Water Centre Trip.

Fantastic Finish: Staged shipwreck.

Book: The Wreck of Zanzibar. Author: Michael Morpurgo.

During this unit the children enjoy an interesting trip to the Affinity Water Centre, where they will learn all about the water cycle. They will look at how water affects our lives, water distribution and how water affects the character of places. Continuing with a geography theme, they will also research how people affect the environment and investigate of ways people can try and manage it for the better. Alongside this, the children will also be studying food from the 1960’s and creating and making their own recipes. In English, the children will be writing wishing tales and explanation texts.

Unit 5 Topic Plan

Summer 2 - There’s a boy in girls bathroom

 WOW! Factor: Hazard Alley.

Fantastic Finish: Child made movie afternoon with popcorn.

Book: There’s a boy in girls bathroom. Author: Louis Sachar.

The children will love reading this hilarious book! During the unit we talk about friendships and about how bullying can affect us as we grow up. We use this unit to share different ideas about change, which links nicely to our transition day from Years 5 to 6. Further to this, the children will learn about keeping their bodies healthy, accepting other people’s differences and research various charities. During our English lessons, the children will be writing exciting portal stories and non-fiction autobiographies.

Unit 6 Topic Plan