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Year 4 Curriculum Overview

Autumn 1 - Caribbean Dozen

WOW! Factor: Caribbean steel pan drumming

Fantastic Finish: Caribbean day in school

Book: The Caribbean Dozen. Edited by: John Agard & Grace Nicholls. 

To begin this unit the children have the opportunity to taste a range of delicious Caribbean food and explore many of the exciting elements of the Caribbean including art work and music. As this topic coincides with Black History Month, the children explore the many different cultures, religions and beliefs of Caribbean people. They create Henry Rousseau inspired art work using pastels and in Science they explore how sound is made. This unit is concluded with the children performing some of the favourite Caribbean poems to parents.

Unit 1 Topic Plan

Autumn 2 - What if the Bomb Goes Off?


WOW! Factor: Duxford War Memorial Museum

Fantastic Finish: World war day

Book: What if the Bomb Goes off? Author: Stewart Ross

This topic explores the events of World War Two and the children learn about the causes and effects of the war. In addition, we focus on what life was like for children during this period and find out about being an evacuee. The WOW visit to Duxford Museum enables the children to have the opportunity to experience a 'Blitz' scene, a real-life Anderson shelter and see aircraft up close. The children design, make and evaluate an air-raid shelter based on what they have learnt. Light is explored in this unit and they find out how shadows are made and which materials allow light to pass through them.

Unit 2 Topic Plan

Spring 1 - The Paperbag Prince


WOW! Factor:  Junk music day when children make their own instruments using recycled materials 

Fantastic Finish: Collage day

Book: The Paperbag Prince  Author: Colin Thompson

This half-term, the children investigate the benefits of recycling and identify the responsibilities we have when looking after and respecting our planet. The children also explore issues such as sustainability and environmental change and we learn about the dilemmas that we may be faced with in the future as a result of our choices today. In addition, children conduct experiments to work out what plants need to grow and how water and nutrients are transported throughout a plant. As part of the unit, they learn about the Christian creation story and link this with how we can take care of the earth.

Unit 3 Topic Plan

Spring 2 - Charlie and the chocolate factory


WOW! Factor: Visit to Cadbury’s World

Fantastic Finish: Chocolate making and Sale

Book: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory   Author: Roald Dahl

This unit is introduced with an exciting visit to Cadbury’s World where children tour the factory, find out how chocolate is created and enjoy tasting a range of delicious chocolate products. Back in the classroom, they map the journey from the cocoa pod to the end product, then design and make their own chocolate delights! The children become mini Scientists when they investigate reversible and irreversible changes and plan and investigate different melting points.

Unit 4 Topic Plan

Summer 1 - The Beatrix Potter Collection


WOW! Factor: Zoolab Session

Fantastic Finish: Art Day focusing on animal habitats and making bird feeders

Book: The Beatrix Potter Collection  Author: Beatrix Potter

The unit begins with a very exciting visit from Zoolab, where the children have the opportunity to observe and handle a range of animals. They find out about their different habitats and think about how animals have adapted over time to suit these. The children classify plants and animals in different ways and learn about food sources, food chains and the relationship between these.  In addition to this, they explore the history of Luton and find out why things have changed.

Unit 5 Topic Plan

Summer 2 - Beware the King


WOW! Factor: Hampton Court visit

Fantastic Finish: Tudor Banquet

Book: Beware the King  Author: Stewart Ross

At the beginning of the unit, Year Four start off by looking at the current Royal Family, tracing its steps all the way back to Tudor Britain where they begin to look in-depth at the Tudor Kings and Queens of the day. The children create family trees, fact-files and write about the Wedding of King Henry the 8th to his first Wife Catherine of Aragon in a journalistic recount. A visit to Hampton Court brings all the learning together and helps the children to understand and compare life in Tudor times to how we live now. Additionally, they develop their sewing skills when making their own Tudor rose before the finale of the year when they attend a Tudor banquet!

Unit 6 Topic Plan