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Year 3 Curriculum Overview

Autumn 1 - Bunda's Dreaming

 WOW! Factor: Aboriginal Dancing and face painting workshop.

Fantastic Finish: Australia Day,

Book: Bunda's Dreaming. Author: Jay Mathews.

In this unit we focus on Australia, looking at Aboriginal culture and art and also at the climate, geography, and the wildlife of the continent. We have an aboriginal workshop to inspire interest in this subject; children are able to use dance and drama to explore Aboriginal stories and we finish off with an ‘Australian Day’.

Unit 1 Topic Plan

Autumn 2 - Fairy Tales

 WOW! Factor: Trip to Warwick Castle.

Fantastic Finish: Story teller.

Book: Fairy Tales. Author: Various

In this unit, we study fairy tales and their symbolism. We have a fantastic WOW trip to Warwick Castle. We end with a session of fairy tale drama. We also study electricity during our science sessions and create a wonderful picture frame in Design Technology.

Unit 2 Topic Plan

Spring 1 - Down With the Romans

 WOW! Factor: Trip to Verulamium Museum.

Fantastic Finish: Roman Feast.

Book: Down with the Romans. Author: Stewart Ross.

In this unit, we  investigate the Roman invasion of Britain, the Roman army, Boudicca, Roman baths, food, mosaics, and religious beliefs. We  visit St. Albans/Verulamium to consolidate our learning and have a Roman Day, involving dressing up, food tasting and Roman themed games.

Unit 3 Topic Plan

Spring 2 - The Iron Man

WOW! Factor: The Iron Man visits Year 3!

Fantastic Finish: Junk Music Workshop.

Book: The Iron Man. Author: Ted Hughes.

In this unit, we discuss forces, use fantastic descriptive language and imagery and discusse moral dilemmas. In DT we create pneumatic toys and enjoy a magnificent ‘Junk Model Instruments’ workshop. During this unit we enjoy ‘Science Week’ where we explored different aspects of science.

Unit 4 Topic Plan

Summer 1 - Cool

WOW! Factor:  Visit from St John’s Ambulance.

Fantastic Finish: Healthy eating and Dogs Trust.

Book: Cool! Author: Michael Morpurgo.

In this unit we look at narrative texts and use drama to explore issues raised by the story. We also consider healthy eating and the function of teeth and the heart during this topic. We end the topic by making a healthy snack.

Unit 5 Topic Plan

Summer 2 - The Secret Island

WOW! Factor: Trip to Harold Park.

Fantastic Finish: Making an island and treasure hunt.

Book: The Secret Island. Author: Enid Blyton.

This unit covers many aspects of geography and science including rocks and soils and a study of islands. We also study the genre of adventure stories, visit Harrold Country Park and we will have a special Enid Blyton day.

Unit 6 Topic Plan