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Year 2 Curriculum Overview

Autumn 1 - Willow Pattern Story

WOW! Factor: Chinese Day.

Fantastic Finish: Circus skills workshop parents are invited in to see the children perform in the circus.

Book: Willow Pattern Story. Author: Allan Drummond

This is a geography led unit which also celebrate Black History. Based around the Willow Pattern Story the children learn all about Chinese culture and traditions. They explore the Chinese State Circus and enjoy a day learning circus skills. The children also learn about forces in science and they design and make their own pull along toy.

Unit 1 Topic Plan

Autumn 2 - Toby and the Great Fire of London


WOW! Factor: Visit from Dunstable Fire Service and visit to St. Paul's Cathedral London.

Fantastic Finish: Parents are invited in to look at the books/learning and the children sing songs.

Book: Toby and the Great Fire of London. Authors: Magaret Nash and Jane Cope

This unit is great fun! It is led by a history project exploring the events of the Great Fire of London and comparing modern day fire fighters to those at the time of the Great Fire. The children also learn about fire safety and being responsible citizens. Visiting St Paul`s cathedral is a fantastic experience which really helps the children to deepen their understanding of the great fire and the importance of the cathedral.

Unit 2 Topic Plan

Spring 1 - The Twits


WOW! Factor: Disgusting Dahl day.

Fantastic Finish: Parents are invited in to look at the books/learning.

Book: The Twits. Author: Roald Dahl.

This is a very enjoyable unit based on Roald Dahl’s book ‘The Twits’. The children will create some art work and character descriptions of The Twits. The children learn about making healthy choices and they will enjoy our food technology work. We also will discuss how our behaviour impacts on others and how we can enhance our lives by improving our environments.

Unit 3 Topic Plan

Spring 2 - Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish


WOW! Factor: Woburn Safari Park.

Fantastic Finish: Junk music workshop – children learn how to make music using junk.

Book: Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish. Author: Michael Foreman

The children will study the worlds differing environments and explore the diversity of animals. We will study environmental issues including endangered animals, sustainability and recycling and reusing materials. The book encourage us to explore our contribution to the world and how we can sustain our planet for future generations.

Unit 4 Topic Plan

Summer 1 - The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark


WOW! Factor: Visit from Teaching Talons and residential to Dell Farm.

Fantastic Finish: Parents invited to look at books and celebrate the unit learning.

Book: The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark Author: Jill Tomlinson

The children will meet the owls and learn all about them. They study nocturnal animals and learn about animal adaptations. The Owl who is afraid of the dark is a fantastic book which enable the children to consider the feelings of others and the vast diversity of the people that we meet.

Unit 5 Topic Plan

Summer 2 - The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch


WOW! Factor: Visit to Walton on the Naze.

Fantastic Finish: Sea shanties and iced biscuits.

Book: The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. Authors: Ronda and David Armitage

This is a geography led unit all about the British seaside. The children compare Luton to Walton on the Naze in Essex. They learn about story telling and writing and explore the series of Lighthouse Keeper’s books looking for differences and similarities.

Unit 6 Topic Plan