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Physical Education

Key Stage 1 overview

Students will develop fundamental movement skills, becoming increasingly confident and competent.  They will engage in a wide variety of curriculum areas which are planned to ensure continuous progress.  Tasks are differentiated to provide appropriate support and challenge for all our learners.

Students will be taught to:

  • master basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching. Develop flexibility, balance, agility, co-ordination, reaction time, speed and strength.
  • participate in team games, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending.
  • perform dances using simple movement patterns and principles of choreography.
  • Analyse their own and others performances using simple terms.
  • Recognise how their bodies react to exercise.

Curriculum Areas Experienced:

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Health Related Fitness Gymnastics Outdoor & Adventurous Activities
Dance Multi-skills Tennis
Football Tag-rugby Rounders
Netball Mini-hockey Cricket

Key Stage 2 overview

Students will continue to apply and develop a broader range of skills whilst gaining in confidence. They will consolidate skills and improve their control whilst refining techniques.  Tasks are differentiated to accommodate all levels of learners and ensure consistent progression.

 Students will build upon the skills learnt in Key Stage 1 and be taught to:

  • use running, jumping, throwing and catching in isolation and in combination.
  • play competitive games, modified where appropriate and apply principles for attacking and defending.
  • develop and enhance the components of fitness (flexibility, agility, balance, co-ordination, reaction time, endurance, speed and strength).
  • perform dances using a range of more complex motifs and choreography principles.
  • engage in Outdoor & Adventurous activities, solving problems whilst working as an affective team.
  • analyse their own and others performance, sharing views on ways to improve. Learning to observe and give feedback in a positive and useful manner.
  • understand the effects of exercise on the body using appropriate vocabulary, forming good lifestyle choices for the future.

Curriculum Areas Experienced:

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Health Related Fitness Gymnastics Outdoor & Adventurous Activities
Dance Badminton Tennis
Netball Basketball Rounders
Football Volleyball Cricket
Swimming (Year 4)  Tag-rugby Athletics
Indoor Athletics Hockey  

Year 6 Boys Football League


Here is our current standing in the league

  Group 1
1. William Austin Junior School
2. Southfield Primary School
3. Chantry Primary Academy
4. Bushmead Primary School
5. Hillborough Junior School
6. Denbigh Primary School