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The OFSTED inspectors last visited the school on the 25th and 26th February 2014 and judged Chantry to be a good school.  We are delighted with the report overall, as it highlights many aspects of the great work we do here at Chantry. Some of the most notable comments include:

  • Progress in writing has been particularly strong since the academy opened.
  • Standards are improving rapidly in reading.
  • Disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs make consistently good progress from their starting points because the school provides well-targeted support for them.
  • Teachers have good subject knowledge. They use questioning effectively to check pupils' understanding and challenge them to think more deeply, building on what they already know.
  • Pupils have a keen sense of their personal responsibility for making sure that the school is a safe and enjoyable place for everyone.
  • Pupils display high levels of self-discipline in and out of the classroom, and respond very well to the school's highly inclusive environment.
  • The school promotes pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development extremely well through the teaching of its values such as harmony, tolerance and respect.

Of course, we are striving to reach the new, higher Ofsted standards, so we will be working hard on the areas the inspectors have suggested for improvement:

  • Ensuring that tasks stretch all groups of pupils, particularly the more-able.
  • Making sure that pupils respond to the guidance teachers provide in their marking.
  • Ensuring that pupils develop skills for solving problems in mathematics.
  • Ensuring that pupils in Key Stage 1 develop their handwriting and presentation skills effectively.


Actions are already in place to improve these areas within the actions in the current School Improvement Plan, for example teacher are already working hard to challenge the most able of our pupils and the inspectors noted this, especially in Year 5 and 6 where they said "The school's data on current pupils' progress and the work seen in their books and in lessons show clearly that pupils are on track to reach higher levels of attainment. A high proportion are already achieving more than expected progress, particularly in Years 5 and 6."

You can read the complete report by clicking here: Chantry Primary Academy - Ofsted report


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