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Visual Impairment Provision

Chantry Primary Academy has the only primary Visual Impairment Provision in Luton. The provision is entirely inclusive and is extremely popular with parents, due to the high levels of specialist resources and support children access, to enhance their educational experience.

There are 16 allocated places for pupils to be supported by the team. All provision places are allocated by the Local Authority through review of application by the Special Provision Allocation Group (SPAG). Children require a visual acuity level of 6/12 or worse and they require an active Educational Health Care Plan.

All pupils are taught in mainstream classes alongside their peers and are supported in lessons by Specialist Support Assistants or a Qualified Teacher of Visual Impairment.

Meet the VI Team

 The staff team are highly experienced in the field of visual impairment.  Specialist staff include:

  • Mrs Bordiak – Inclusion Team Leader

  • Mrs Collings – VI Provision Team Leader & Qualified Teacher of Visually Impaired/Primary Years Outreach Support Luton

  • Mrs Drummond – Touch Typing/Braille Tutor & VI Outreach Playworker

  • Mrs Randle, Miss Oddboy, Miss Dickman, Mrs AbdulMiss Allan, Ms Gill, Mrs CouchMiss Williams Miss Lewis and Miss Tadd – VI Support Assistants

Specialist Resources

The provision has a wide range of specialist equipment and resources as well as experienced teaching
 support for your child. 

Our experienced team use a range of technology to ensure that children’s learning needs are met.  This may include use of personal equipment such as ‘Braille Note’, audio recording devices and iPads, or specialist resource making tools such as a ‘hot-spot’ which can make flat images into raised 3D images, or a braille printer to create printed work from children’s computer work.

We have a book based curriculum in school, so the VI specialist staff enlarge texts, convert to braille or verbally share work with pupils to make it accessible in class.  Younger children may also make use hot-spot images to make sense of a text.

Specialist Activities

During their time at Chantry, pupils have the opportunity to participate in life skills sessions and mobility training to ensure that they have all the knowledge and skills needed to be as independent as possible. Staff work closely with parents to ensure we know as much as possible about a child’s circumstances and particular needs.  We also liaise with medical professionals and can join parents in attending medical appointments, to ensure that the school are best placed to meet your child’s needs.

Special Events and Activities

We make every effort to arrange transport and staffing so that children within the VI Provision can attend trips, visits, clubs and activities alongside their mainstream classmates. In addition, we look out for special opportunities specifically designed for visually impaired children, in the past these have included gardening, additional swimming sessions, theatre trips, tactile educational visits and sports activities in conjunction with external sport providers. We currently offer horse riding to some of our VI children and are looking forward to some exclusive soft play sessions at Futures Fun Factory next year.

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