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Using MacBooks for

Digital Music Creation

Here at Chantry we recognise the importance of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) and Computing, because we are all very aware that this is a central life skill which our pupils will need not only throughout their education but also in their future careers.

With the continual rapid rate of technological advances we feel it is essential to keep pace with these changes to ensure that we for fill our school motto ’Learning for Life’.



We are preparing children for jobs that don’t yet exist!

Using iPads for
Phonics Work

ICT is not just confined to stand alone lessons but is inextricably linked into our creative and book based curriculum. We have invested in different types of hardware, such as Apple Macs and Apple iPads to ensure our pupils gain a varied skills base to ensure they can apply their knowledge in different ways. This year we have also explored new software such as; Garage Band, Bug Club, Active Learn and many more, which have created opportunities to compose music, animation and create opportunities to extend learning beyond the confines of the school walls.

Digital Leaders

Our Digital Leaders

This year we have seen the introduction of digital leaders. These pupils have applied and been successfully appointed to share their knowledge and confidence of using ICT equipment and programmes which should benefit both their peers and staff. They have already attended a trip to The National Museum of Computing in Bletchley, where they learned about the foundations of computing.

Our Digital Leaders are currently organising a lunchtime group for Year 4 pupils to attend and use some of the programs that we have at school. They will lead these groups and support their peers. They are given classroom responsibility for ICT equipment and are learning how to support peers and adults with basic troubleshooting. Moreover, they will work closely with the school council members, peer mentors and the anti-bullying action team to support peers with e-safety and raising awareness around cyber-bullying.

My mind feels like it is going to explode!

Joshua, Year 5 Digital Leader, when looking at
some early computers at NCM